Was my boyfriend joking or was he hinting something?

my boyfriend and I are together for a year and a half. We both met each others families and everyone likes me ( his friends and his family, and they all hated his ex). His friends even say he is one lucky person. He always cuddles with me and caresses and cuddles and plays with me in public and even around his friends. We also sleepover at each others houses as well.

On the weekend we were out at a club and there happened to be a lot of girls there. He joked to me " there's a lot of girls here tonight. I should have left you home". then he smirked after he said that. He also made fun of this other good-looking guy who had good dance moves.

p.s - my boyfriend has a sarcastic sense of humor
my boyfriend gets jealous of other guys as well and pp have told him: "to sort out his insecurities"


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  • I have came to realize , A man showing you to his family means nothing. I'm not saying he's like that , But I have seen it first hand. My boyfriend brother brings women home every year , And they all think they are the only ones. The family say nothing to the women , Because we know how he is . Regarding that stmt , He could have been joking . But only you know his personality to determine if he is or not. But he shouldn't play like that, It's disrespectful to you.


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  • Next time shoot it right back at him when he starts trash talking a hot guy be like "well maybe I should've left you at home instead" or something along those lines.

  • He reminds me off a Dallas man

    • whats that?

    • Men that lives in Dallas

  • Your boyfriend sounds like a douche bag. I wouldn't be with my boyfriend if he said that. There was a reason why he said it. Remember that.

    Also, it's insecure of him to talk bad about another guy. That's what girls do !