GUYS: what does it mean when you apologize a lot to a girl?

This guy friend of mine who has started apologizing for a lot of things-when I would never expect an apology. Like the other night I texted him asking if he would be at church and he said "no because he had camp and then apologized. (A church we just started going to after I asked him about it- but it isn't even the church he really goes to) Or another time I was at a party (he didn't know I was going to) and he wouldn't come when his parents asked him to come with them but then I texted him asking him to come so he did. I said I had to go soon and he texted back "Sorry be there soon" He got there really quick but we only got to see each other for like 5 min. Later I texted him thanking him for coming and he again apologized saying "Your welcome! Sorry I came late!" So my question is: why did he apologize each of these times and why does he do it so much?


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  • He has low self esteem.

  • He has a weak personality; he is afraid of offending you with his actions.

    • but why is he so afraid of offending me?

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