Should I have gone for the kiss when I dropped her off? But it's more complicated than that!

Alright to be completely honest here I'm generally stumped. Now everyone knows the go for it signals mine were as obvious and as simple as "you should get my number" or "we should hang out next weekend" as she lingers in the passengers seat of my car as we say good bye. Now obviously body language and other things also pointed to this as she obviously was giving me the OK to go for it. Now here comes the tricky part... So this chick and me went to high school together but in time lots of things change were both now very different people but I've always thought she was cute etc. she's now friends with my best friends younger sister (only a year younger then my friend who is my age) and we end up seeing each other all the time now. Tonight when I went to go visit my Bro her and his younger sister had been drinking and she couldn't drive her home. I was leaving and obviously offered to give her a ride, So we have a good talk and we get there and obviously like said before its obvious she was giving me the go for it signal. I'm a guy that kinda believes in the idea in making the first move or if she says go for it or gives you the OK and you don't go for it she will loose interest in you, and probably simply move on at least somewhat. I think that's a good rule to follow, not to say theirs always exceptions and you shouldn't try again but first time is the usually the best one because a lot of the time the second chance doesn't come around. The problem is I'm not the kind of guy to take advantage of someone that I've always possibly wanted to have something like this happen with. But she was drunk and I wasn't, I feel as if we were on the same level in a different circumstance it would have been different but I simply couldn't do it. Something in my mind just wasn't letting me get past the barrier of just going for it and when I finally thought about it I figured out why. The problem is and the question I'm asking is did I make the right decision in not kissing her? I'm usually one to make a move but I just couldn't when I've always wanted to and she was drunk and I mean giggly laughy pretty drunk, I just couldn't get past the idea that maybe it was just that and it was a drunk decision... But again my question is did I make the right decision? Should I have gone for it even though the circumstances? And did I blow my chances with this girl because she did give me the OK and I didn't go for it? Thoughts?


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  • First not doing cause she was a bit drunk is good. Under alcohol we're more Influenceable, vulnerable, open. She might have been OK on the moment, then regret it later (not the way she wanted it to happen, not remembering everything, thinking she initiate things and feeling awkward about it...), she won't hold it against you.

    I don't think you blew off you're chances over one strike. Try doing it again when she's not drunk, when she gives you the OK signal go for it.

    But though don't miss too much strike or you'll end up in the friend zone.

  • You made the right choice because even if she really did want you to kiss her afterward she would have thought you're the kind of guy who doesn't care wether a girl is drunk or not before hooking up... meaning she might think you could've gone all the way with her if she'd asked you even though she was You made the right choice... Call her and if your convo goes well ask her to hang out :)


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