Help me please!! don't really know what he meant and it's killing me to know!

Hey Everyone!

so I really liked this boy I hadn't seen in awhile but he

kind of knows my family well sort of and I was watching my little cousins while they played in the playground

and so I came up to him and asked him 'hey -his name- do you know where ___ is?

and when I started to talk to him he started smiling and trying to look away but still staying there and

I don't know what this could have meant. can someone please help and say what it COULD mean?

not what it meant but maybe some ideas.

Please. thank you (:


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  • I personally wouldn't really read so much into it, but there could be more I'm not really getting because of anything left out in your description of what happened. Solely that I wouldn't assume anything, but if he was looking at you or something or staring or being flirtatious I would assume he likes you. If you want to know if he likes you just be a little flirtatious and see if its reciprocated.

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