How much attention are willing to give to a girl when you're in a relationship with her?

I'd like to know from the boys how often you do this (on average) when you're in a relationship with a girl:

1 - texting / calling

2 - cuddling / hugging / kissing

3 - expressing affection or love using words

and when do a girl's expectations / needs become too much to handle and perceive her as clingy?


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  • 1. About as much as she'll give me. I don't go out of my way to do something that she's not willing to reciprocate. A few texts every day or every other day, a few phone calls per week.

    2. I'm big on this, so whenever possible.

    3. Not big on expressing love via words, as most women do not appreciate when a man says something heartfelt. It is far better to leave some small wonderment in a girl's mind as to how much you really love her so she continues to try to win you over. I can tell her that I appreciate her when she does nice things, but telling a girl you love her is generally a bad idea. As for being too clingy, a girl would have to respect the fact that there are some weeks where we could only get together once a week, or even once every 10 days due to my crazy work schedule. If she couldn't understand that, I'd have to let her go. My work comes first.


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  • 1. Daily

    2. Daily (assuming physical contact is possible)

    3. A few times a week.

    It's not that I follow any sort of set schedule for any of those things, that's just the way it works out.

    It really depends on the guy where expectations and needs become too much to handle. Some guys are ready to jump into relationship mode, others take more time. If you're in a serious exclusive relationship, however, you should be able to discuss things like your desires for the future (kids, marriage, etc) without freaking each other out.

    For me, I suppose clingy would be unreasonable expectations.

  • 1) She can text me whenever, and I'll get to her when I have a chance. Maybe talk on the phone once every few days, but I'd rather meet face to face for lunch, coffee, ice cream, go for a walk at the beach or whatever to do something then lay on my couch and talk on the phone. The phone is so impersonal to me...

    2) Whenever appropriate.

    3) Depends on the girl and where the relationship is. Different girls respond to different levels of affection and I'm not going to toss around love ideas unless they are genuine.

  • in a serious relationship, and I had one serious, I was giving about 85% because the other 15 was for me. you can't go crazy and give a 100% because you'll end up regretting it. I loved kissing and cuddling with her so much and talking to her was the best thing ever. being in a committed relationship is fun and not just because of sex but because you you girlfriend is your best friend.

  • I generally give 100%.

    A girl can be to much when she's asking for more then what she already has.

  • 1) Once a day. (Though I would prefer it to be less, I know that's as low as she can go)

    2) When ever we're together.

    3) Same as 2.


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