Why can't I ever have full happiness in my life?

Well isn't this just great...

After I come back from vacation, I’m all in a mood to work out because on vacation I was riding my bike everywhere in SC. But when I came home, I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days because of a blood clot. Now that I’m out of the hospital and on Warfarin, I’m not allowed to exercise. WTF?! I can only walk for exercise. Great just when my life was going good. This sh*t happens. Why can’t I ever have full happiness in my life? All I want is good health, a job and a relationship. But no, that can never happen to me all at once.

Right now it’s just a relationship that I have. I once did just have good health, a relationship and a job and that was for just three months back in 2010. (The job thing was just a temp job and I haven't been able to get a job since.) Does God not want me to be happy?

I'm a very positive person by the way. I'm always hoping something comes along. But nothing ever does.


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  • your being tested is all. never get in cause euphoria could be around the corner. I'm not overly religious but I don't think god picks on surtain people. but this world dosen't promise happiness is something you have to create and work at:)


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  • You'll be OK. Things will look up for you soon. Hopefully. Could be worse. I only have a relationship to. Been engaged for 9 years and waiting to get married. But my parents won't let us get married. I don't drive, he doesn't drive. (He wants to, but his parents won't let him.) I just work with my dad at home with his gold business. So I'm all set with that. I don't want to drive because I'm scared to. I don't have many friends. Sometimes my boyfriend doesn't have time for me. So I'm really just gonna stay this way because that's just how it goes.

    I have my junk food, magazines, TV and music to keep me happy.

  • Yeah, I have a bunch of crappy stuff happen to me a lot too... but I'm learning to just go with the flow. Shit happens. Life will never be continuously good, so start practicing making the most of things because it's one of the best life traits you can develop.

    "Hope" is passive. Practing stuff like affirmations, journaling, deep breathing and meditation, brainstorming positive outcomes from bad situations -- all of those are active ways to get better at controlling the mood and effects of uncontrollable situations.