Should I still be friends with her?

There is this girl whom I was chasing a few months ago. But things didn't work out and she rejected me. But she tells me that she is willing to be friend with me and after that rejection we still hang out once. Girls if you are in her position will you still want me to keep in contact with you? Guys will you still contact the girl and be friend with her? Or should I just ignore her?


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  • This has happened to me before. It went two ways for me. For the first time I rejected him and I ignored him because I felt bad and didn't want things to be awkward. In the second time he rejected me but we stayed friends and everything went back to normal. But my advice to you is if you really love her, you can keep chasing her. You never know if you would end up together! :) Good luck and best wishes <3

    • Will it be annoying to the girl if I keep chasing her? Like she already told me that she is not into me and if I still chase her it seems that I am ignoring what she says.

    • Hmm.. You could wait a while and after things cool down you could start flirting subtly.

    • Thanks for your answer!

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