GIRLS: What do you know about guys?

Starting from childhood to adulthood. What did you learn about guys and how?


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  • i think a lot of opinions are based on society I think everyone is different ..iv learned with men they are visual creatures , they like a challenge they can't multitask and they express themself differently verbally then females do! and they have a penis <-----last part was a joke!hehe .but I was a daddys girl and my father respected my mommy so that is what I want and have ben exposed to so that's how I learned about how a man should treat a woman from my daddy!i think most females do see there father as a main male figure and that's where they learn about how a man should treat a female :)my daddy always told me I was beautiful!thats how I feel I learned about men

    • Awe, sounds like you had a good father. We need more of those guys these days. How verbally different are guys?

    • well men tend to not express there emotions that well verbally as well as females I think they are not wired in that way as far as females carry pitch etc.its evolution men tend to hide there emotions its a survival tatic I feel!they can't express there emotions the same

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