I texted a guy 'ily' and he threw a temper tantrum...

telling me he doesn't care, doesn't feel the same I'm annoying and to get a life. do you guys think that his defensiveness is because I hit a nerve or something or he genuinely does not care?

ok thanks for the input eveeryone..i have put the issue out of my headd thanks again:)


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  • If a guy reacts like that over saying "ily" then he's probably extremely annoyed at what is obviously overbearing persistence where it's not desired in the slightest degree.

    Leave him alone, already.

    • LOl okayy thankss..i guess:(

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  • I may have been awkward for him but I don't see any need to respond with that kind of defensiveness and hostility. You might want to back off a little though, he obviously doesn't want anything serious.

  • You might of hit a nerve, unless theyre always like that, then he may not care

    • no actually he was like that before but he had calmed down towards me, I would know how to get him to talk, to open up but she kinda messed it up with the way she said it, he's someone you have to knowww how to speak to. I wasn't surprised but I just don't get why he overreacted so...

    • Mmm guys tend to have short fuzes so maybe you just caught him at a bad time

  • Get a life...? What did you send him? Lol. That looks like a nerve hit.

    • lool ikrr I don't know what to make of it :s

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    • message me then

    • Rather difficult when you're Anon. xD

  • Of course he doesn't care. You're annoying the hell out of him already. Leave him alone.

    Listen to the words coming out of his mouth, or he'll have to get a restraining order against you.

    • i wasn't the one who sent it..try not to be so harsh..thxx...

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  • LOL what the heck.. he's probably just freaking out because he's afraid that now you're going to be obsessed with him, thinking about him all the time, wanting to text him all the time (hence, the get a life part). Not quite sure what type of nerve you might have hit.. I fail to see how "ily" is offensive in any ways lol.. but I would believe that he really doesn't feel the same otherwise he wouldn't have reacted so negatively.

  • It sounds like you have liked this guy more than he likes you for a long time, and it's finally gotten to the point where he's had enough. LOVE is a strong word and he doesn't want you to get the wrong idea that he feels anything remotely close to that. Stop texting him and delete his number

    • kk thankss note taken..alredy done:)