What are his intentions? Help for a girl in college who has never dated before?

Ok well I noticed this semester that this guy has been constantly staring at me. while I was at lunch by myself he came up and introduced himself. so we talked for a few minutes and then he asked for my number. we traded numbers. this was yesterday, and today he called me, asked what I was up to/ and if I was staying on campus for spring break. I told him I wasn't and he said to call/txt him over break. he also said something like hanging out when break was over. I feel like I'm a really naive person, I don't know if I should have given my number so quick because I don't know him or how he is. I found his myspace and saw his status as "swinger"...i don't know what to think...am I being too cautious?...please help

when he asked for my number, he didn't even have anything to write it down with...i don't know if that makes a difference


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  • Like Jarett said, it is hard without knowing him. However, while you were with him for that short period of time did he seem nice? Was there part of you that wanted to possibly go on a date with him? Probably yes because you gave out your number.

    It is also a possibility that he just has a really big crush on you. The beginning of college, you start of knowing nobody. When you meet someone, or see someone you want to know better, sometimes you come across over eager to meet them or be around them.

    bottom line: while we don't know his intentions, maybe you should go out on a first date with him. After getting to know him a little better, you should be able to discern a better decision on whether or you're too cautious...

    P.S.~ my friend has his status as "swinger" too, and he is a complete goof ball and is very respectful towards women. I know my friend isn't your guy (at least I don't think he is :/), but some people are just funny that way.


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  • It's 2009, we put or numbers in our cellphones lol.

    yeah my guess is you're a late bloomer.

    Best thing to do is to get advice from an experienced friend who can actually meet the guy and see trough his intentions.

    My guess is that he's a smooth playa since he approached you without fear, got your number etc and pretty much assumes you want to hang out with him (players have big ego's, they are convinced that they are giving you an opportunity to hang out with them)

    If you are sexually attracted to this guy you can keep on communicating with him, if not, it's COMPLETELY useless.

    Only give hot guys your number :P

    I think that you gave him your number and thought you gained a new friend, but it doesn't work like that in the real world...a number pretty much means that the girl's into you and will eventually lead to sex if you play it right lol.

    So unless you are looking forward to that, it's no use of even talking to him.

    if however you are interested, make sure you tell a friend (part for the fun and gossips like sex and the city lol and advice etc, and part for safety: your friends should always be aware of who you hang with so that if worst comes to worst, they know where to start the search (for your body that its lol, a little far fetched but still just tell your friends who you're dating...always).

    Don't have sex with him to fast because he will most likely put you into the "ho category" and will have little respect left for you. People don't appreciate what they get cheap of for free.

    I'd say if you he interest you, go on a date in a public place and give him a chance to see what he's like.

  • Well it's hard to say without knowing him. For future reference, you can always give out your email address as an alternative. This way you can get to know them comfortably. But as far as the guy is concerned, there is no way for us to know his intentions. Only he knows.

  • Or don't have sex with him at all... Some guys would much rather go out with a virgin. If they get married someday its much more meaningful... but that's beside the point...

    You can either give him a chance, or tell him you aren't interested...

    If you give him a chance, either go with a friend, or tell a friend you are going on a date with this guy. This way they can watch out for you and keep things from gettting outta control or turning to the worst!


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