My boyfriend is not that attractive and kind of big, but...?

treats and spoil me like a queen and not only does he tell me he cares, he shows it. Anybody else falling for a guy like this?


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  • My good friend is gorgeous. Small and in amazing shape. She's dating a guy who's probably 6' and upper 200's in weight. He's no prize physically. But he takes such good care of her and is a total gentleman. He appreciates her for her and they're a great couple. He isn't the jealous type and lets her do her own thing. Looks are in the eye of the beholder. Or in my case on weekends, beerholder.

    • Awww that is so good to hear. That is how my boyfriend is. He lets me be myself and do my own thing. He isn't insecure (verryy confident actually) and I loveee that ! I am falling for him more and more and the reason why my guy is big is because he played football, I actually starting to love his shape but thank you for your input. it just shows there is so much more than looks. its all about how that person treats you ...

    • Everyone today is so consumed with looks and money and not with love. It's nice to hear your interest in him and he's lucky to have you.

    • Your right but that gets people now where and thank you so much for your kind words.

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  • As long as a guy has money..., am I right?

    • Nope, not for me, :) even though it is refreshing to see a man have his own. He got it all which means I do not have to take care of him like I did my last two exes.

    • You basically said "he's not attractive, but he spoils me." Sending mixed messages now. hmm...

    • I see. I didn't mean it that way. Wrong choice of words. I mean the treats me like a queen and it's refreshing to me. I am falling for him because of it.

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