Why do some people treat texting and internet based relationships so seriously?

A lot of the time it's with people they don't know and have never seen face to face why do they treat it like there in a full on relationship with them? and act like it's the end of the world because there broken up through text or the person hasn't replied back for a few days they could be talking to a 70 year old man and think it's a 16 year old boy or girl before they know.


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  • I think some people get easily attached. I know for me, I've been talking to this guy, and we immediately clicked righ off the bat. We're pretty close and we literally talk about everything with each other. Sometimes whether it's because I'm too busy or just don't feel like texting him, he gets upset. Like, I like you and everything but I have a life too. I don't know why people are like that though

    • Yeah same I think they do and I know what you mean I had the same problems with guys they just get upset if you miss a day or two even if you haven't text for about an hour sometimes ha ha I know it doesn't mean you don't like them it just means you have other things in you're life and it's not about them 24/7 niether I don't care if my mates tell me they have to go and say ttyl it seems to be more of a guy thing it's like there needy and don't have a life.

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  • I find I can have really open, mentally stimulating and emotional relationships over the web..

    Sometimes, the fact that you don't meet.. is what keeps it good..

    No sex to mess it up..

    Someone to listen to me..

    Talk with..

    Sort stuff out with..

    and its never them going..

    hmm.. how much longer till she blows me?

    • Yeah I spose I can see you're point of view you're very attractive to btw

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    • ugly...

    • Why are you a mean person?

  • Because there losers who can't face up to pple in real life some pple are plain out desperate ya know they can't really get much in real life it's usually less attractive pple who do it to sorry if pple think that's mean it's usually true.