How different can two people be before it would make a relationship difficult or impossible? See details.

It's nice to have some differences between you and your partner, just so you can learn new things, see from a different perspective, expand your horizons, etc. But shouldn't you have some similar interests as well, so you can have more things to talk about or bond over? If not, then what will you do when the honeymoon stage of the relationship is over or when you're married and elderly and the physical intimacy has slowed?

Where would you draw the line personally on how different you can be from a partner before you don't think it could work out later in the relationship? Where do you think the general line is for most people?

Examples: movies, TV, music, sports teams, religion, politics... add any other things to your answer that you wish. These are just examples I could think of.


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  • Most of the things you mentioned I don't consider important common ground, there are so many other things to share in together. So long as we have things we enjoy doing together and like to talk about we're in good shape. Even on things we disagree on, so long as we are tolerant and can talk about them then we're still OK. When deference become a problem, it's not due to the differences, it's due to intolerance and inflexibility.

    • I didn't mean being too different as in being intolerant. I just wonder how people can find things to do together or talk about early in a relationship - that "just getting to know you" phase. That's all I mean. What else can two people just starting to date talk about and bond over if they don't have any common ground with small talk topics like music, movies, etc?

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    • Could you elaborate on that? haha. See the thing is - I'm interested in a guy I've been talking to on here who lives not too far away. We differ on those things I listed quite a bit, but for some reason, we're still falling for each other. But I don't think just flirting and talking about how attractive we think the other person is or how we want to go on a date is enough... I think we need more things to talk about that we can both be passionate about. That's where I'm stuck. :(

    • Well for everyone it's different... Once you open up and get past the generic conversation starters and into who you really are and what you like that's when you discover all those little things. I'd think you would know if you ran into those things. They tend to hit you in the face like are you for real or are you just saying that? Then all the sudden you're thinking, wow she's really into that I can't believe it. =D

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  • it really doesn't matter that much it is about how you get along together and respecting the other person. interaction just either works or doesn't it isn't about having a list in common.