Do you think 16 is too young to date?

Do you think 16 is too young to date? Why or why not? And how do you convince your parents to let you date?


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  • Unfortunately, so long as you are stuck under your parents roof, you are stuck with their rules. But here are some questions, in no particular order:

    1. Is this a boy you can bring over for academic/scholastic reasons? Can you help each other with homework, etc? That might go over with your parents much better.

    2. Is this boy someone your parents know at all?

    3. What would they think of him if they did know him? (Be honest, if you like him because he's a "bad boy", that probably will not fly with the folks).

    4. Do you have the same after school job? Could you meet him there?

    5. Have you two talked much about the future? If he gives off the impression he has future ambitions, your parents will most likely appreciate that.

  • No I don't cause I'm 16 too I've been dating since I was 13. And reason why not is I'm not sure exactly but I guess is like a responsibility or privlege your parents let you have if you break their trust then you lose that privlege and I never had to convince my parents. Even when I was 15 and datin a 17 year old my mom is just cool like that that an I'm very convincin never listened much though


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