Is he wanting me or just my goodies?

I have asked this a couple times in different contexts but here it all is since I have gotten the he likes you answer from several people.

1) we have been friends for 8+ years

2) we were both always with somebody until two years ago when his baby momma shattered him and he stopped dating

3) he chose to spend his birthday with me when we first started really hanging out

4) we never really hung out one on one until I moved a couple blocks away from him a couple years ago

5) he started out the hanging out very easily like hey I need to borrow a cd can I come by and pick it up until he was just there when he felt like it lol

6) he used to come over with a mutual friend that did like me and they used to see who would leave first until I would kick them both out

7) he only makes a move when drunk

8) we recently started hooking up and well it happens to be when he/us is drunk

9) he comments on how things are weird now but still wants to hook up

10) even before we hooked up to keep the old ladies at work away from him when he would stop by I would tell them I was screwing him so stay away and he was fine with it

11) before someone says it I am in no way being used. He was on my bang list long before we ever started anything.

So how about it is he wanting me or just my goodies?

Ps: we both think we are the most awesome person we know as in we actually call hanging out the awesomeness of me and him lol

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Haha the poll isn't helping any since they all three have one.


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  • What happens when you guys hang out nowadays? And how long do you hang for?

    • Um we mess around, and talk, and drink a beer or two. And for 3 hours or so a couple times a month.

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    • Well, I think you need to sit down with him alone and have a serious talk with him. Don't make it uncomfortable - keep it casual/friendly. Tell him that you think you guys have potential, and ask him what he thinks. Stress that you're fine either way - whether you guys are just friends, or whether you guys wanna try being together seriously, without just having flings with each other. Don't make a big deal of the chat, no matter the outcome. That's my advice, at least, to get on the same page.

    • Maybe at the moment I am just trying to get a feel for how he feels. Then go from there. I think if we start spending more time together we will talk.

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