Why do girls act this way?

I'm so tired of being treated like if I'm a home wrecking slut! Wherever I go, if girls are with their boyfriends, they pull them by their arm. Or sometimes they even start making out with them right there. Some girls give dirty looks like if they want to kill me or something

I feel so embarrassed. So now, I don't even look at couples if I walk by so they won't get angry at me, but the girls still act all weird and jealous.

One girl even did some weird hand movement at me. I'm assuming it wasn't nice.

I don't know why they act like that if I'm not even someone to be jealous about. I have really short hair (pixie cut), which guys hate. I'm not curvy, I'm heavier than that that, (and guys don't lke fat chicks). And I'm socially awkward. I don't even dress like a slut. I don't show cleavage or anything So they have nothing to be jealous about.

Why must they act like that? Is there something I can do so that won't happen anymore? I don't want to get beat up


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  • awh! don't say there gonna beat you up! you'll beat them up cause there intimidated. maybe they feel like you're flirting with there boyfriend when you talk to them or something. when dealing with couples its always best to talk to the girl more then the guy. if anything ignore the guy if you can, it'll make the girl feel like you're not interested and she can trust you around her man.

    • Well I would do that with the people I know but I don't know the girls. I met the guys first. One guy even initiates the conversation.

      But for the most part, this happens with strangers in the street. I don't know them but the girls look pretty pissed at me.

    • whenever a guy initates conversation with me and I can tell his girl doesn't like I usually turn it around on him and make him out to be the werido for trying to befriend me so hard. trust me the guy will get over it, and once you get his girl on your team then there will be less awkwardness for everybody. and as far as the strangers on the street go, well fck em. your never gonna talk to them anways so I'd just make a face back and keep walking.

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  • Maybe they don't see you as a threat, maybe they see you as someone who is helpless. Some people feel powerful when they can intimidate others, and timid people are easy targets.

    You'll get this wherever you go, the only thing you can do is accept that some people you encounter in your life will try to push themselves up by dragging you down, and to react to any attempts with indifference. Don't let these girls make you feel scared, angry, sad, or self-conscious, and believe that you could be a threat to them if you chose to be.

    As for your self-loathing statement, as I've said on this site many times, there are going to be some guys out there who think you're the hottest girl they've ever seen, there are going to be some guys who think that everything about the way you look is just wrong.

    It doesn't matter if your Meghan Fox or Courtney Love, there will always be people who adore you, and there will always be people who hate you, the key is to surround yourself with those that think you're beautiful.

    • Wow. Well that's dumb of them. They don't even know me.

      Well I'm not so bad looking. I could be worse. I'm adorable I guess :D

      But you're right. I should just ignore those people.

    • There you go, that's a much better attitude :P.

      It's much easier to hate someone you don't know, because you can imagine that they are bad people. It's hard to hate someone when you know where they came from and why they are who they are.

  • They either feel threatened by you (looks or personality or both) and you should javw nothing to worry abour or maybe where there is smoke there may just be a fire (in other words have you ever done what you feel you're being accused of?)

    • I guess. I'm not bad looking I guess. People tell me I'm cute. But I'm not hot or anything. I don't see why id be considered a threat.

      And I am a really cool person and I'm really nice But they wouldn't know because these people don't know me.

      These are just random people in the street. I only know a few couples and I had actually met the guys before. They aren't friends of mine though.

      I don't do anything to provoke anyone. I'm just walking down the street, minding my own business like a normal human being. And if I walk by a couple, the girl acts all ridiculous.

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  • It sounds like they are intimidated. And you shouldn't change anything about yourself to make others feel better. And why are you worried about getting beat up?

    • Idk a lot of those girls seem angry like theyd want to beat me up.

      Ive never fought so I think id get beat up.

      I don't like people being intimidated by me. I'm really nic. And don't care for competition. If they were to get to know me, theyd see how dorky and weird I am. I am nothing to feel threatened about

    • Aw well you seem like a pretty cool person. But some females are going to hate, regardless of what you do or how nice you try to be to them. So maybe you should give off an 'I don't care' vibe when you walk past.

      And if you do happen to get into a fight (which should be avoided at all costs but sometimes it happens) just curl your handsinto fists and start throwing punches. I understand if you don't want to fight but sometimes you have to defend yourself.

      Hope I helped somewhat!

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