He's mad at me, what should I do? ):

This guy and I have been talking a lot lately. Saturday night he asked me to come over, I declined since I was already out with friends so we agreed on the next day. I couldn't hang out then either and apologized and scheduled for another day. I just texted him and now he's barely saying anything. ): he's a great guy, I don't know what to do.


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  • Give him some time and let him re-arrange another day for the two of you.

    • he probably never will. Fml.

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    • Ask him to hang out?

    • Yeah give him some time and ask him if he would like to hang out with you .

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  • Well, give him some time right now. don't go all crazy trying to get his forgiveness because it won't work so easily. for a guy, you let it set in a little bit and then you should ask him if he wants to go out with you. this way he knows that you really do want to do something with him instead of ditching so much. and try to go out with him :)


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  • This should not be under other...

    • Sorry, I'm used to posting everything under it

    • Don't apologize