Were we ever in a relationship?

So me and this guy have some history. Last summer we talked non stop. He told me that he liked me and I told him that I liked him. We talked some more, but never went out. We didn't talk for hardly any of the school year.

But then in the beginning of June he got a Facebook and added me. He said "Hey you should text me :)". We hadn't talked in about a year and I had missed him so much. He texted me and we had a cute little conversation. We texted almost every day.

Then about a week later he randomly texted me saying this. This was our conversation.

Him: Would you ever kiss me?

Me: Why do you ask?

Him: Because idk! I just felt like asking?

Me: Well yeah if we were going out I would.

Him: Do you think I'm hot?

Me: ha ha yeah. Why are you asking me all this?

Him: I don't know hahaha! Cause I would kiss you even if we weren't going out cause your kinda hot too!:)

Me: ha ha well maybe we should go out then.


Me: ha ha do you want to?

Him: Yeah

And we texted a lot after that. On the same night we texted that conversation he totally randomly asks "You have never thought bout sex have you?" We weren't even talking about ANYTHING like that. I told him no, and we started joking about the show 16 and Pregnant.

Then he asked me for a bikini picture. Like he would not let it go. I told him not now. He texted me every day, but he always mentioned the picture. I ended up sending it to him, but now he NEVER texts me. It made it seem like he only texted me to get the picture. And I thought we were going out, because of what we said in the conversation above. But he doesn't act like it at all. He never texts me, he doesn't answer when I text him, he tells girls to text him, he talks about girls he misses on Facebook, and he calls girls cute. I thought we were going out, but I don't think he thought that. And now he has that picture of me. I would have NEVER sent it if I knew we weren't going out. But didn't that conversation make it seem like we were going out? And remember that we had a history of liking each other. Help please. I know this was a lot of writing but I really need help!


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  • I didn't see any official declaration of your relationship in that convo. Talk to him about it...I know that's a cliche and dumb answer, but really, it's the only option for this situation.


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