Do guys get offended if you don't text them first or message them back?

I don't really like texting people unless it's for something important so I don't usually start conversations through text. I sometimes participate in the conversation if the other person starts it but I usually don't have much to say. Would guys be offended if I didn't talk to them that much via text or would they not really care about it?

I also sometimes go offline without saying bye if I'm talking to them online, but I've noticed that a lot of the guys I'm friends with do that too so I'm assuming they don't really care when I do it.

I don't believe in that "guys should always text girls first" rule either, I think it's kind of stupid and sexist to be honest.


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  • Texting is the wrong format for these types of messages anyway, so I think you're fine, just make sure you TELL your guy how you feel about texting so he doesn't expect something else. A TON of girls try to use texting for "relationship communications", which is WRONG IMO, but it's so common that he might expect you to do the same, so correct that perception up-front and you should be fine.

    IMO, text messages are good for "Be ready at 7pm, I'm on the way." and NOT for "How do you feel about us?" The first is a quick message needing minimal reply, the second is a huge, important conversation, and should be done face-to-face, or at absolute worst, over a voice call.


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  • I don't think there's anything wrong about not starting text conversation. If you have nothing to say, then what's the point?! However if you're dating someone, sometimes it might be nice to ask how their day was. But that is regardless of whether you're male or female.

    Just going offline midway through a conversation is just plain rude though. If no one has said anything for a while then fair enough or if it's literally a quick message, but to leave a conversation mid flow, is not cool

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