Does he still wanna be with me or is he over me?

Been dating this guy for 4 years about 7 months ago I caught him talking to my once best friend I've known since I was 4 I have also heard they have done more than just talk, when I found out he was scared I was gonna brake up with him I didn't but he still talked to her after I found out and he wasn't acting like he used to wasn't being affectionate

then all of sudden the past few months he's been acting like he used to, giving affection and acting like nothing ever happened and it makes me confused...

What does it mean does he still wanna be with me or is he over me I don't get it


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  • Alright this is one of those EASIER SAID THAN DONE.

    You two have been together for so long that he's missed(ing) the single life. So I suggest this to you: Break up with him, OR if you do love him which it sounds like you do, take a break. But this can cause you stress because you may fear he will like this break and move on, BUT if I'm not mistaken he will probably flirt with other women and realize that he DOES miss you and want to be with you, but you need to make it clear that he's been talking to other women and obviously doesn't feel the same way four years ago. He'll probably come back saying this why he's sorry and how he didn't realize this or that. But you have to keep your guard up and question him down, let him know that you don't want to be hurt, or lied to again. And then ask him how can he promise you a change. If you like his answer try to slowly get back into the strong relationship, still being cautious of him and flirtatious ways. Does this make sense?

    To answer your question, I believe he still wants to be with you, but he wants to have the best of both world where he can flirt with other women but I guarantee he will not want to hear/see you flirting with other women, so he still care about you. Hope this helps! Ask if any more questions!


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