Should I or shouldn't I?

I've been telling this guy I am into that I am going to bring him cookies to work to cheer him up since he's been working a lot of extra hours. Whenever I plan on it he never hits me back as to whether he is working or not. So should I or not?

  • Do it he may just be really busy
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  • Don't he obviously doesn't care.
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Well it was a sucess he is just working a lot of extra shifts due to someone quitting and he barely has time to breathe


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  • Do it..

    • But what if he's not there I'll look like an idiot

    • Do you like him?

      If you do then looking like an idiot is a good thing.. It shows not only that your human but that you like him.

      And think.. What if he is there? ;-)

      If he's not there then ask his Co-workers to save him one. and let them eat the rest.. if said that way. His Co-workers will play and tease him about it. which in turn will make him know you like him

      So if he likes you he will tease you about bringing them again when he's theres. And whalla he will tell you when he works next

    • My bride to be on our first date locked her keys in her car.. so embarrassing for her.. But it showed she liked me to me. Sometimes in life you must take some bad to show off the good.

      And like I said.. she's now my ”bride to be”

      She showed her human side

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What Guys Said 2

  • If a girl offered to bring me cookies, I don't care if my job is to guard Fort Knox. I'd take a minute before work to tell her where to bring the cookies and when I could see her. I'm sorry to say, I don't think he's interested.

    • *If a girl I LIKE offered...

    • I don't know if he likes me. Having problems linking it but my question on that is titles opinions guys and gals if you wanna weigh in.

  • Make sure you know when he's working. Don't tell him when you're gonna bring them though. It's cute when it's a surprise like that.

    How does he react when you tell him you're gonna bring him cookies?

    • He likes food, he likes cookies, he likes my cookies. Eh I sked him if he would be at work later so I could drop them off. Think I'm gonna do it but if I don't see his car keep on going so I don't look like an idiot lol

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    • That... sounds horrible... I'm sorry :(

    • Eh it is what it is. Hence why I utter obscenities. Strangly this current guy starting hitting on me while I was talking to the other guy

What Girls Said 2

  • Just do it. If he is not there share your cookies with someone else. lol

  • Thanks for updating us! I would have voted B :-) Good for you!

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