Girls: what do you hate the most in/about a guy?

According to most of girls, guys are not to be trusted. Why is that?

What are the thing(s) you hate most in guy? (lies, cheating, deception, need of space, etc)


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  • the only problem , I've had more often with men, than women, is men don't come out & say what they mean-i guess because they think, have something to lose, whereas most women I know are not trying to sleep with me. 'most'.

    i really dislike people beating around the bush, or playing mind games. especially assuming or trying to read your mind, instead of just asking questions.

    im very direct & I answer honestly. there's no reason anyone has to guess. and I end up spending so much more time fixing misconceptions, than it would take to just answer directly, to a direct question, in the first place. guys try to guess motives, instead of just asking about intentions/ expectations , & or, sharing their own.

    i know they often say girls are never direct, so they think they can't be--thats really a pathetic excuse. if you want to be direct, ull be direct, & simply ignore people you need to play games with. you don't play games, just because someone else makes u.

    the way I see it is I've spent many years becoming whoi an. I don't need someone insisting they need to guess, because they 'know; I won't be honest. when in reality their just too cowardly to ask.

    • oh, & of course. I don't now any women who insist women need space. they just say I'm going to take some space.

      when a guy wants space it becomes this big guy production. like just taking the f***ing space, without speaking on behalf of every penis in the world. its so melo-dramatic. and acting like no one can possibly understand this secret guy thing. (Of course, if a Woman wants space, 'shes lying')

      needing space is something every human being experiences, its nothing special.

    • Heyyy! Am sure you agree with this common say " everything happen for reasons". Lemme ask you; is it only one guy that could not talk/ask you directly or more than one guy?

      What am saying here is that if it is only one that couldn't talk to you directly, I would say yes that is a sign of cowardness. But if it is more than a guy, I would say maybe that has to do with your appearance.

      Maybe you are a little bit tight face or too serious must of the time.

      But guys doesn't beat around the bush.

    • I want to make clear , I dint think this is innately a male characteristic. IMO, its a choice behavior. And, its behavior problem I don't have with Women.

      im not sure why you asked a question about guys plural, if you're going to say, that if more than one guy does it, its because of me. what's your purpose here?

      Its not all guys. Just some, but its still annoying.

      As fir guys not playing games>>Perhaps, in your experience,guys who like you, don't beat around the bush. In mine-They do.

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  • i hate guys that lie about wanting a relationship but really all they want is sex and lead you on into thinking your together

    • i don't see what difference that makes, as long as you only have sex, because you want to. not because you think itll get you a boyfriend or a commitment. don't have sex, unless you really actually want to-with that guy. who cares what his intentions are. if you know what _yours_ are. I mean how do you decide to have sex. when you want to, or when you think hell commit.

    • Hi! I'd asked couple of girls about; is it true that girls chould posibily knows a guy intention right from the first time he talks to her?

      It also said that some smart girls could actualy figour out what a guy want? ( if truly like or if he just wants to get lead)... Their response was yes girls can or could know all these thing at first meet.

      So if that is true so why would a girl let in a guy that only wats sex?

    • Yeah some guys actually,lead a girl on into thinking they have something special in reality he is only in it for his own selfish pleasure and the girl might be naive to believe she is in a relationship but she has to face reality and let the player go and know she can do better players don't care about nobody but there self and there needs.

  • I hate it when guys tell you you are beautiful and then they see a girl with big boobs and turn around and tell you to get a boob job.

  • Lies and deception is one in the same for me , And I don't like that from anyone.

  • what it mostly comes back to is how they will play you just to get in your pants without treating you like a real person. yes some guys make it clear right off the bat but some will lead you on for months and lie and deceive and hide things from you while keeping you on this strong. they know how to go the extra mile by making you feel loved and cared for, then they will blow hot and cold but still make you think they care. all to treat you like an object.

    • you made a really good point I am with you on that

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    • if someones blowing hot & cold. they obviously don't care.

      if you don't want sex, don't have ex. don't have sex, just because you think he's going to stay. if you have sex because you want to, what difference does it make what he does.

      plus people change. there's never a guarantee. he could love you then not.

      so don't f*** anyone unless you actually want the sex. not the guy.

      you can enjoy the nice behavior & have sex only because you want to. then when he turns into a jerk, at least you got ONLY what you wanted.

    • Really not all the time guys need or want sex in a relationship...i am a guy of about 29, I dated a for more than years and I've never have sex with her nor did I ever had sex in my whole life. And don't think that it is because I didn't have the opportunity to have sex. No I do, I just don't want have sex with girl until I get married.

      So you see some of us (guys) all we truly like from you (girls) is just; cares, appreciation and love... That all.

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