How to act when meeting my ex and his new girlfriend?

A few weeks ago I started dating this guy that made me feel really special. We met throw mutual friends and at first I didn’t want anything with him cause he’s three years younger then me but then after meeting a few times and having all night long chat conversations I begun to like him a lot. We don’t live in the same city so when it was time for him to leave he asked me to go with him. I told him that I’m looking for a serious relationship and if he only wanted something casual there wouldn’t be any point for me coming with him. He told me that he really liked me and that he wouldn’t ask me to come if he were not serious about me and that if he only wanted sex he could just find a random girl to have sex with. I believed him so I ended up spending one week there with him. He introduced me as his girlfriend when meeting his friends and parents and we had a wonderful time together. When I was back home he said he missed me and we talked on the phone everyday. One day he told me that he didn’t want a relationship right now since he’d been in the army for a year he just wanted to be with his friends, party and have fun but he asked me to give him some time and to be patient. Then I stopped hearing from him and I found out from a friend that he’s got a girlfriend now. I got angry and I told him that I felt like he’d been dishonest with me and that I felt used. He told me that he hadn’t lied to me and that he couldn’t understand why I was upset with him. Now I’m going to his town to visit some friends of mine that are good friends of him as well. So for a week I’m going to have to hang out with him and his girlfriend. I still got feelings for him and I want to be with him so it’s going to be hard seeing them and be around them. How should I act around them? Should I pretend like nothing or should I act like I feel and show him that he really hurt me?


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