How to respond to this text?

I was hanging out a few nights ago with a guy I met recently. He brought up a big hockey game he would be playing in yesterday.I toldhim I would check in and see how it goes

So today I texted him to see how it went, he replied "we won, sorry I've been busy with work"

I don't know if he's sorry about not letting me know or what, but I don't get why he brought up how busy he was..I wasn't asking to hang or anything lol..

Anyway I think he's probably genuinely busy cause he has a couple of projects to finish before a long vacation he will be taking.

Should I say smth like 'np I'vebeen busy too", or "poor you"

oll. Don't know how to respond..


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  • I think he means that he has been too busy at work to respond, this is a pretty common thing for guys to say over text. If a guy is busy he might not text a new girl he is interested in because it is distracting texting someone like this; you're thinking more about what to say and you stop more and think about what they've said rather than texting an old friend and knowing what they mean by everything they say and not having to try to sound the right amount of cool/friendly/interesting that occurs when you meet someone you like. You could say "np I've been busy too" and then maybe something small to initiate conversation, jsut add on the end "how have you been?" or something, so it still seems you want to talk (if you do want to talk.)

  • I would say "congrats on the win!:) and I've been busy too lately, I wish I just had some time to relax"