Theres a girl I sort of like but its complicated

We have identical tastes in music, and we like each other. she's a year older but her friends that are my age don't really aknowledge me. she's attractive but I don't know if its worth a shot. I don't wanna lose a friend by asking her out


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  • Sit her down and be upfront about it. Now I'm not saying harass her, I'm saying, asking her once and ONLY ONCE if you two could make each other happier. One thing that could destroy a friendship is you being dishonest.

    If she isn't mature enough to handle this question, and still be your friend, I'd seriously question your relationship with her.

    Before you do any of this. You need to do some searching on how you feel. You need to be prepared for the possibility that she might need ( yes it is a need, we don't chose our desires, we are after all, only human ) another man besides you. Can you honestly say that you love her enough to watch her be with another man? If you can't say yes to this question, and you are only concerned about her making YOU happy, then you should avoid the situation. Because it will lead you to hell and back if she turns you down.

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