What's a good way to bottle up excessive affection?

What are some good ways that I could just get rid of a large amount of affection you have for someone? Basically how to take yourself from level 10 down to level 5?


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  • I would advise you to crack one off into a dirty but nevertheless erotic tube-sock, but I'm pretty sure that just made it worse :O

    • o.O umm...I'm a chick just in case you didn't know that o.o...

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    • Lolz you sure about that?

      Disney o.O lolz, how bout watching a Disney movie instead :)?

      Thanks for your answer lolz

    • That'd probably work :P

      Good luck in your future endeavours! :D

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  • Affection or like infatuation? lol If the latter just sigh and go back to what you're doing LOL...

    Affection towards what anyway? A bf? In that case think about the fact that he needs space or how you'd feel if he did that to you or how... unspecial (cbb to think of a word) it would be if you did it all the time.

    I guess you just have to keep consciously stopping yourself...

    • No, he's not my boyfriend we're just dating...I give him plenty space, we only text and that's scarce. It's just I like him a lot, I mean I freaking like this dude to the fullest but I want something that he's hesitant to reach and that's a relationship. It would be great if he had as much affection for me as I did him, but I get super enthused about talking to new guys so I am trying to make something that doesn't exist work.