Should I initiate the first kiss?

I've been in a relationship with this guy for about a week now and feel like I'm ready to have our first kiss. the problem is, he's quite shy. we do hold hands and say our "i love you's" but he quiet and keeps really romantic stuff mostly for notes and texts,etc. I'm thinking whether to wait until he's comfortable enough to initiate the first kiss himself, or go ahead and do it myself.


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  • I was JUST like that when I was in middle school, sadly- my relationship didn't end up I commend you for trying to make it work.

    I believe you should initiate the kiss, but at the same time make sure your patient, this guy sounds nervous, and that's what happens towards the shyness. He does have feelings for you and you two may be close but it takes a lot of time for him to be confident. If you make the first move it allows him to gain the confidence where he will SAY his romantic things and not just write/type it, and start to be more physical, like I said it does take patience because he may not immediately start to make this change. Hope this helps, ask if any further questions!


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  • I think maybe throw a few hints his way first to see if maybe he'll take them and go for it. The girl initiating isn't bad in any way, unless the guy is a control freak, which I doubt because he is shy. So maybe just give him some hints and that way at least he knows you want to kiss him. Don't put too much pressure though and I mean, what's the rush? You want it to be special yes? You don't need to rush it. It will be heaps better. :)


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  • You already say your "i love you's" a week into your relationship?

    I never understand why people say that so soon...but that's not the point here.

    On topic now: some people like to ask their bf/gf/date if they're allowed to kiss the other party. You can do it when you get back from a date and he walks you to your door. The whole "I had a great night" and then look in his eyes and lean forward for a kiss...

    Or you could ask him: is it okay if I kiss you?

    • omg...i'm sorry I didn't elaborate more...we've recently taken our relationship to a more serious level.

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