How can I understand him? Help me girls and guys. What should I do?

i wrote before about that boy that I got a crush on him actually we talk maybe like everyday on FB but just a normal talk he added me for a month now, we used to look at each other when we were together in college.he tried many times to talk to me then last day exams he added me. once he asked me if I had a boyfriend or not and if anyone from our college asked me out or had a crush on me and who and what's his name. when he sees me online he say hi and we just talk but he has my mobile no. and he didn't call me yet :( I don't know why ! sometimes he ask me where I go to hangout and with who, he is not the talkative kind of a guy but he is so funny ... he didn't tell me directly I like you and I don't know what to do?! sometimes I say maybe he is just talking to me because he doesn't want me to say you didn't say hi or something but yesterday I was offline and he sent me a message ... I can't ask him what does he want from me =( so should I make him jealous to know what he really wants from me?! I decided that I won't log into my Facebook account for several days cause I want to know what will he do ? HELP MEEEEEEEE =(


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  • "making him jealous." I shudder at how you would do this... Manipulation gets you nowhere.

    He's interested, no doubt about that.

    He's keeping contact up...that is reassuring for you.

    It's difficult for a guy to say, "I like you." Too much chance for rejection. Rejection is much worse for guys than it is for girls. It's our Number one through 10 fear.

    Do you 'light up' when you see him? That tells him that there's less of a chance of rejection.

    But you'll have to take the initiative to get this off dead-center.

    Initiative means something as simple as a big smile and "Hi," like you're really glad to see him. Look him directly in the eyes, too.

    Hope this helps.


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