GUYS: when you ask a lot of questions and seem to be trying to get figure out if something wrong?

A few nights ago, I was texting my friend jon who I talk to a lot (via texts) I asked how he was and he said "pretty good hbu?" I said "same here haha" and he said "not been that good of a day huh?" and I said "well..everything's just confusing to me right much has happened this year" and he said "what's wrong?" I vaguely explained and he asked "like bad things?" and I said what do you mean?" and he said "you said that so much has happened this year". I then answered answered and he apologized and he said he'd pray for me. I was just surprised that he picked up that I didn't have a great day, when I didn't say anything about that. I was also surprised he kept "digging" for info, like he was really actually concerned or something. He's never done this before. Why do you think he did? Is there a chance he likes me-more then just a friend?


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  • It's hard to say if he likes you than more than just a friend. If he's a carrying guy, he'll be concerned for any friend who is in need.

    That being said, us men are ingrained to try be problem solvers, especially towards a women who is in need. Girls just like to talk things out with each other, men like to actually fix the problem. If we sense you are in distress, we don't want to pat you on the back and say "Everything will ok", we want to actually get to the bottom of the problem and attempt to fix it. That's why a guy might start asking a lot of questions, "what happened?" , "who did this to you?", "where was this?", "what did they say to you?". Stuff like that. We're like the police detective trying to solve the case.

    I would say you are still on the fence with this guy. He does obviously care about you, I'll give you that, but whether or not he wants to go as far as dating you is another story. I will say this though. Guys really are not against dating friends (generally speaking) so that alone isn't going to stop him. If he doesn't want to date you, its going to be because he's not romantically/sexual attracted to you, he thinks there are outside circumstances that would make it a bad move, or you simply has some red flag about you that makes you undatable.

    • We have sorta a complicated history..i know he (Jon) liked me back in January but then became convinced I liked another guy just because my family invited close friends to this dance thing in our homeschool group and my mom had me dance with the other guys. I introduced him to jon and his friend afterward to try to make him feel welcome. But as soon as jon and I were alone he said "so you really like this guy?" I was so caught off guard I didn't say anything for awhile and before I could he said "oh my gosh you do"

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    • So the fact he was asking about the other guy made me think he might like me, but then him acting cool about it made me think maybe he just liked me as a friend. But I do know he's a very sweet genuin guy and would want me to be happy above him.

    • He likes you, I'm telling you right now.

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