Girls: can you help me?

hi I'm just wondering what are things that help you on your period? when I girlfriend gets hers its pretty ad for her and I wanna know things that can help that maybe I can do or tell her so she can do.


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  • Some painkillers

    Hot water bottle

    Chocolate/ice cream/her favorite snack

    Lots of cuddles

    Just a bit of patience. If she goes crazy several times, talk to her about it when she finishes. It's not fair on you since you're being sweet.

    Maybe massage her tummy


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  • Midol if course you can buy it at any drug store this sounds weird and somthing she won't want to do but running there's always birth control (it makes her period less severe) and if she's having cramps get a warm rag or like a heating pad and put it on her lower abdimon

  • Midol, her favorite snack, and a nice heating pad.


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