I don't want to date because of my ex?

my ex brought out the absolute worse in me. I have never been so unhappy, tears, fighting, confrontation,etc in my life. Everything I did was to "piss him off" or "treat him like a dog" as he claims. yes I have my issues as well like having a temper but after dating him I literally don't want to deal with another man. I know not all men are like him but I thought he was a great guy in the beginning and now I completely regret meeting, talking, giving my virginity and being with him. how can I get out of this rut of not dating anymore because of him?


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  • You ultimately have to accept that not all men are like him, and that he was just a bad apple for you.

    PLEASE don't be another man-hating woman in the dating game. All that will do is give you a bad aura, which will repel every genuine guy worth keeping away from you.

    Therefore, if you let your most recent ex CONTROL your psyche like that...you will be forever alone.


    Think about it...do you really want to allow one man that you dislike to emotionally and psychologically CONTROL you like that?

    Brush him off, absorb the lessons from that relationship, and go back in the dating game with a POSITIVE vibe, or else you will simply attract worse and worse men and be a broken fragmented emotional and psychological mess.

    • The Geodude speaks true.

    • thank you. I'm not bitter I just learn to not overlook these issues in the next man and realize people don't change so get out and don't wait. I know I will be over him soon and I know not every guy is like that. thanks once again for your words

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  • Your best bet is to really move on. Delete old photos, delete him from Facebook, and remove numbers or anything else that reminds you of him. Don't dwell on the past. Your life and dating isn't over just because you dated a previous jerk. Learn to start taking care of yourself for now, and eventually you'll be ready to date again.

    • thank you for your advice. I'm not going to look back I just can't deal with another guy like him. never been so unhappy in my life. its been 2 days so far and day by day I wake up feeling better and happy its done

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