How can I get my family to stop thinking so little of me just for talking to people online? Please see details

I have a small handful of people I talk to online, mostly just friends, but I do have a current love interest I've been talking to on chat and Skype for a while.

I've never tried to meet up with anyone yet, and I'm selective with the people I do associate with online. But for some reason, my mom and sister think that all people online are creepers or perverted old men/rapists. They also think I'm dumb, very "lonely" or "desperate for a relationship" and that those are the reasons I talk to people online. I just do it because it's an easy way to meet people, and I don't intend to meet every single person online in real life. Most of my online contacts are hours or countries away!

How can I get my mom and sister (who is younger than me and extremely nosy and possessive of me, by the way) to back off? I'm an adult, and I believe I should have my own social or dating life as I see fit as long as I'm smart and careful about it.


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  • Well try to be a bit more outgoing, get some friends you can really hang with and talk to so you don't spend all your time alone online, then maybe they will back off. If that doesn't work, try telling exactly that your an adult, you make your own decisions and will make friends however you please

    • It's not that I'm not outgoing - I just spend most of my time at school and don't have many other places to meet other people right now. But I'm working on it. I'm not online 24/7, maybe just a few hours a day. My mom and sis just think that when I am online, I'm always just talking to people, but that's a very small part of what I do online.

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  • No idea. You are an adult, you have to make your own decisions and meet people in whatever way works for you. I'd just say to ignore them, and do what makes you happy. It's your life, you have to live it.

    • That's exactly what I think, but ignoring is difficult sometimes... if either of them sees/hears anything they don't like ever again (my sis heard me talking to someone on Skype a bit intimately), they claim they'll tell my dad about it. And that might get my computer removed or something similar. I don't have any privacy with these kinds of things and they bug me about chatting online almost every day. The worst part is that they think I'm dumb and will get into trouble even though I'm cautious

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    • If you have talked to them about it and it didn't work I guess you will just have to grin and bear it until January or act like a spy. =P Good luck with your family, and the guys you meet online. =)

    • Trying to act like a spy has failed a few times, so I'm not sure how much that'll help. But thanks for the kind wishes and your advice/opinions. It's always appreciated.

  • Lock the door. Ignore the quips. Try and meet people in real life as well so it doesn't seem like you are a hermit.

    • I make plenty of friends/acquaintances at school when I have classes, but don't have many other ways to meet people irl. Thanks though.

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  • my mom's the same way. they just can't accept that technology has progressed to the point where people actually communicate online.

    • Seriously. And it seems as though there's no way to convince them that it's not always ending badly - thanks to those shows about online predators.

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