Did I hurt her feelings?

Kathy is so cute we used to be even better friends. Anyway today she asked me what was up but it was so informal. I know she asked me that way because other people were around. My response was dead silence. So she went over to everyone and just started laughing & small talking. After that she just left without saying goodbye. She forgot her bag so I called her over and she just looked at it and said OK. Not even a thank you. Did I do the right thing? And would it bother you if a guy/girl you liked or thought highly of did this to you?


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  • Well why did you just ignore her when she asked you a question? Yea you prob hurt her feelings.

    • Because of the tone and way she asked. I didn't appreciate it. It was informal and rude. I'm not going to answer that. I want her to see it bothered me too. It's about respect :)

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    • Thanks you're right. I just hate when too many people are around it feels like she is distant or can't be herself because they talk about us. When she is by herself she is friendly and touchy but with others either she sneaks the touch in or she is just eh I will do that. If she respects and cares she will understand it bothers me and if I hurt her she'll know why and we can at least build on that :)

    • Well maybe she doesn't want people bothering her or questioning her about liking you since you guys aren't in a relationship yet. I'm the same way and I normally won't show a guy I like much affection in front of my friends if we aren't together yet because then you get asked a million questions and it's annoying when you're just starting to try and feel someone out.

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