What are the signs a guy is dating other women?

I am currently dating this guy and things seem great. :).

Not sure though if he is dating other women or not.

He has mentioned hanging out with women friends and having coffee with them but has not mentioned that he is dating anyone else.

Then he let it slip that he was having Thai with a friend, which then turned into friends that he is catching up with before he moves to another suburb.

He and I have not just had coffee on any of our dates. LoL. Just incase you guys are wondering. We have always hung out for hours and enjoyed each others company.

We only seem to hang out once a week though. Well it has been that way for the last 4 weeks we have been going out. Then again we both do work full time and can both get pretty busy at times but would like to spend more time with the guy.

I am just not sure where I stand and don't want to pressure him or scare him off by asking.

Yes. We have slept together and he still acts the same way.

He always lets me know after he enjoys spending time with me and when I thanked him after he hung out with me during my Lunch break yesterday he mentioned that it is always good to see me.


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  • I'd have to say the easiest way is to simply ask.


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  • Has he introduced you to his family, friends, or co-workers? When a guy wants a girl to be a permanent fixture in his life, he will want her to know and be apart of his inner circle.

  • Ask him.

    Personally after 4 weeks it is to soon to be getting so serious, you are still getting to know each other.


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  • Well really the only way to know is to ask. But he is telling you about these friends which is a good sign since he isn't being secretive. You guys have only been dating a few weeks so neither of you are committed yet to one another. I'd say give it about 2 or 3 more months and bring up to him that you'd like to be exclusive. That will answer your question then. Take the time now to just get to know each other.

  • ask to be official.

    If you aren't official, he is free to date however many women he wants.

    Or you can just ask him