Why wouldn't a guy want to be friends with a girl after knowing she likes him?

he knows I like him I THOUGHT he liked me too he was flirting for months nonstop and all our friends told me he likes me, and so I asked him out and all, he knows I like him a lot, but he changed his mind and ignores me now. were not even friends anymore, like he will wave at me once in a blue moon but he won't go back to just being friends? we have classes together too and see each other around but he won't be my buddy anymore? we used to be so chill...i don't get what I did wrong :[


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  • Have you discussed the situation with mutual friends? If yes, then he may feel a bit embarrassed or resentful of that. Guys have fragile egos. Most of us can't handle questions/jokes about being timid to where a girl had to initiate/do the asking.

    • nope I didn't discuss anything with anyone that would be embarrassing of ME to say I got rejected

    • Hey my friend was flirting with me for months so I asked him but he seems indifferent now; so what gives? I don't think that is embarassing. What I meant by my answer is did you say anything to anyone about the situation at anytime, before or after you asked him out. Just ask the guy did you do anything to offend him, or why has he distanced himself from you. Communicate with him.

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  • "Why wouldn't a guy want to be friends with a girl after knowing she likes him?"

    Unfortunately, it could be he doesn't feel the same way..

  • So he didn't want to go out with you?


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