Boyfriend read my text message!

My boyfriend peeped into my phone saw my text message with a girlfriend. The content of the text included how I felt about him not loving me more and I love him, and I want to get married and have a baby one day, and I feel I am running out of time and don't have years to waste...And I asked about how other guys treat my girlfriend (because I have a little dating experience, so I am curious) And the most important part is that I mentioned No Ring No move in...Its straight women talk so its natural but I feel it comes back and bite me because my boyfriend haven't contacted me in 2 days now, I did text him to say goodnight last night, and he replied xo

I feel very anxious and difficult now, he didn't know I know about him reading my text message, I just found out because the message pop up when I turn up my phone

I am not sure how to handle this, I appreciate your help!



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