Do smaller girls go for big guys?

So I'm a big guy. I'm about 6'1 205lbs. I'm not fat but not skinny by any means. I work out and have a muscular chest, big shoulders and arms. I don't have a six pack just a normal belly. So for the past Two days when I'm leaving my music appreciation class I ran into this girl who is in my class. On the way to the garage we always run into each other in the same two places. I'm almost positive that she was checking me out. She is thin and short, about up to my chest. I really like small girls and was wondering if the often go for big guys like me. Have any of you small girls been with a big guy, or has anyone seen this before? Thanks everybody.


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  • I personally like bigger guys, especially since I'm pretty petite..

    • By saying "especially since I'm pretty petite" does that mean that its normal for a lot of small girls to like big guys.

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    • Cool, thanks for answering ;)

    • No problemo ^_^

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