Girls why would you change your attitude towards a guy?

Let say that when you met him you seem to like him and you were friendly and flirty, but then for x reason you decided to change and became cold towards him, which means that you don't seem to want to talk to him or you are not as into him anymore..

Also the same otherwise assume that you were cold towards a guy and for x reason now you like him, why would you act like that?


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  • a guy actually did that to me, he was so nice and a kind gentleman in the beginning and we became such good friends, then he just changed and stopped talking to me being mean to me and flirting with other girls, I was hurt and heartbroken, but most of all, I was disappointed, because I really admired him and looked up to him.

    i would never completely go cold on a guy out of the blue, its too harsh and I'm usually a nice person so its not likely of me, but if I have come close to it, its mainly because he hurt me/hurt my feelings, I feel rejected by him/he doesn't seem interested in me, or I feel played/used by him, or I can't trust him because he's a flirt, and other girls warn me he is bad news.

  • Because maybe I was around him, And found out how he really is . Or I heard somethings about him.


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