I didn't say anything bad did I?

Basically there is this girl that I'm close to going out with. She's told me she liked me before. So I told her I was going to an amusement park today with family. She told me she wanted me to text her later.

Me: heyy :)

Her: omgeee heyy I missed you all day! so tell mee, how was it?:)

Me: it was really fun :) but now I'm so exhausted...

Her (5min later): that's cool. well I have to go. talk to ya tomorrow:)

Me: OK bye!

Did I do anything wrong or did she genuinely have to leave?


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  • Well I see one thing you did wrong ( if you don't mind, lol) you replied "it was really fun :) but now I'm so exhausted..."...this kills the whole reason you texted her kind of because it's like ? Why'd you text me plus it puts a drab on the vibe there " I'm exhausted"...NOOO, lol but seriously that's most likely why she gave the response she did afterward *shrugs*

    • I know :( I thought of this but should I be worried?

    • Don't worry, if you're looking for a comeback just say " My apology, what was I thinking, how was " your" day?

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  • I don't think you said anything wrong, not sure if she was looking for something else though. she might have wanted you to say that you missed her too, and then ask about how her day was also.. those are the only two I can think of.

    • I was thinking was it bad enough that I said I was exhausted?

    • No, but if you want you can try to make up for it tomorrow and say "sorry I wasn't very talkative last night, I was really tired.. how was your day?"

  • When you said you were exhausted, she was probably thinking you didn't feel like talking long. Don't worry, there's nothing there for her to get offended by. She was just being polite and letting you rest.

    • But is there a reason she said "i have to go" instead of "i should let you sleep"?

  • either she did have to leave or...she didn't want to bother you since you were exhausted...or she's shy and couldn't think of anything else to say (you could have possibly asked her how her day was)

    you didn't do anything wrong ha ha just show more interest in her next time you talk


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