Internet realationship, we aranged meeting each other. How far we can take things?

So I've go invitation in Facebook a few week ago from one guy that went on a date with my best friends friend, and we talked one day till middle of night,then we didn't talk for few weeks and then we chat all night long,and chat goes on very smoothly and he seems perfect,of course I know that it may be just first impression and he might be lying about some stuff but anyways , when ill be back from holidays,after one month,he asked me out for lunch, so while that month will pass by well get to know each other better,and he really makes me want him, so I dream how we meet and I want to just kiss him and get to his or mine place,but I wonder does it really matter what we talk about,does it count that we know each other , I mean we talk about everything everything, no secrets, is it okay to kiss him and maybe even cuddle and caress,and everything just no sex,because I'm still virgin and I don't want to rush things to fast,i mean I want him badly,but my mind won't let me,just being careful can't hurt. so I want your opinion on how far I can let things go, can it ruin his image of me if I let it go to far,i just want him badly,but don't want to ruin thing and seem easy to get. so id appreciate your opinion no matter what it is :))


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  • When you meet him in person just take things slow and don't rush things. I think it's alright for you to kiss him and cuddle and stuff. You and him talk about a lot of thigns and your right their is no secrets between you and him. Just take things slow and don't let your guard down. I think thigns can go as far as you allow it to and want it to.

    • Thank you for selecting my answer as the best answer. I hope things worked out for you. Thanks again.

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