Anger Issues you think?

Earlier this evening my boyfriend and I were making dinner together, fish tacos :-) and of course it was a dish I have never made. He asked me to cut the fish, which I did, but made a stupid silly mistake and placed the fish into the batter( before it was mixed). He flew off the handle and said...F*%#! Tracey! Why did you do that!? It wasn't ready! You never listen! Did I tell you to throw the fish in there!? I got so upset that I left the kitchen and began crying. I wanted to tell him off so badly, but me being a girl, my feelings got hurt then felt useless after that. Then he got even angrier and said...Great, now your crying! When your done, come back in the kitchen if you want to learn how to make this. Can't you cook anything at all!? Makes me sick on how some people cannot cook anymore! Anyway, is that normal for a guy to flip out over something so small? I am still not over it and I feel like not wanting to speak to him again.


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  • I probably would have reacted like this:

    "No! F***!" with a raised voice and then proceeded calmly from there.

    "It wasn't ready yet." *smile* "Don't worry about it. It's completely ruined, but since I'm superman I can fix it." *kiss*

    Basically, yes, when we are focusing on a process and something goes wrong we do mentally flip out like that initially. The problem for him is that he needs to learn how to STOP flipping out and try to fix the situation. He could have flipped this whole thing around and made it a bonding experience instead of a damaging one.

    So your husband/boyfriend/whatever is an idiot.


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  • Real men don't flip out like that.

  • You have to remember everyone has bad days.

    He had a bad out burst and you escalated it by over reacting.

    In a perfect world he wouldn't have had an out burst but we aren't perfect.

    You should know him better then us, if he's normally like this then it is a problem, if not he might be under a lot of stress and you should find out from what and how you can help ease the stress.

    • there is a difference between having bad days and treating someone like sh*t for a mistake

    • I wouldn't be so intolerant, closed minded or judgmental justme20.

      Like I've already said the question asker should know him better then us, if he's normally like this then it is a problem, if not then there is a reason or a cause for it.

  • You almost ruined his fish tacos.


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  • Well, some guys really do have those issues...and really don't mean anything by it.

    But, what they don't understand, is it really hurts, we are girls, we are known for crying and getting our feelings hurt easily. There is no need to flip out over something so small, but he probably didn't even think about it, just said what was in his head. He needs to learn to control it, but I don't think it's something you should say hit the road for...ya know? That's just my opinion.

  • gettung feelings hurt, doesn't make you a 'girl' and it certainly doesn't make you useless, nor does it prevent you from telling anyone off.

    hes an a**hole. he does not have respect for you. you encourage that, by not having respect for yourself,around him.

    the difference is, _you_ are _your_ responsibility, not _his_. respect yourself. dump him.

    • You an awesome female..but ..where did you get your anger from?

    • typo.

      "getting feelings hurt, doesn't make you a girl, it makes you a human being who feels hurt"

      taster--what anger?

      I am not angry. I am just giving my opinion.

  • this guy is nuts! let him go. you're so self effacing, he probably gets a rush from watching you cower in shame and fear. Blech! This isn't a guy. This is loser. stand up for yourself. someone said it here, you don't respect yourself--you don't demand and require that he treats you with respect and honor. his response should have been, "I'm so sorry!" believe me this gets so ugly when people get married. I'd dump him in a second.

  • Wow. It sounds like your boyfriend isn't pleased with the fact that you can't cook. I think he just got a little angry though but anger issues no. He seems to also be frustrated that you don't pay much attention either. Although I don't like the way he said it and he was being a bit of a jerk, he is telling you that he wishes you listened more. Try to be more attentive to his feelings as well. Express to him how he made you feel belittled when he said that without a care and that you like your cooking sessions because you feel closer to him when you guys cook together.

  • if he gets that mad over something stupid and continues to act like that then he's an @sshole and you should get rid of him soon... what if he reacts violently to you or hits you next time? He sounds like he might be a lose cannon... it would be better to be safe than sorry and leave him before he has a chance to hurt more than your feelings next time

  • ive had a relaitonship where a guy was like this. get out! literally he will be that way with everything and its obvious anger issues.