I feel like I have no luck with men..

since I broke up with my ex its been 2 years..and I feel like he has put me down so much...that I cannot face people anymore when it comes to dating other guys..i have no confidence whatsoever.. I feel like love is not for me..but then again I feel lonely and wanna have someone who cares about me..who loves me back as well. I have tried talking to several guys since the break up but none seemed to be interested in me.. I have tried every way possible to shine but nothing seems to work..and this is depressing I see all my friends happy and coupled up with their loved ones and I feel like the third wheel they drag along with them...i don't know what to do..anybody has any advice to give?

PS: I have tried hooking up with social events parties everything nothing works.

Also guys start great with me when I talk to them then they end up finding other chicks and stop talking to me ...lol I am really not boring and I don't about my ex or anything that crazy chick sort..i am really laid back and cool..


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  • I'm 21 now and I haven't had a girlfriend since I was 15.

    I personally only care about money, work, working out, reading and bettering myself.

    Lots of girls are interested but I don't care.

    Here's a tip, work on yourself and the boys will clamour to you if that's what you want.

    • Hmmm you sound interesting lol

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  • Maybe you should stop trying so hard and allow the men to come to you... Just be yourself and when you least expect the right person will be there to listen, talk and enjoy.. I think you're being a little hard on yourself though... just Relax it will be OK...

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