How does a guy know you're not compatible?

I was on a dating site and this guy decide that we weren't compatible without even talking to me.. often times you chose not to say a lot about yourself as you want to meet and get to know each other on a more personable level.. To be honest I think dating sites are a bunch of crock..

You ever notice how they put guys that are compatible with you and often times those guys haven't even been online in the last 2 weeks or more...

I've learned that guys say that want one thing but once faced with it they decide they want something else.. Men you can't live with them and you darn sure can't live without them.. What does a lady do...?


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  • Lol, if you were a guy on dating sites dealing with extremely shallow women you would be complaining too. There are some girls I find attractive at first glance but after reading more I know I would only last 10 minutes talking to her before I would have to walk away. For example girls with profiles that say something like "Deserve nuttin but da best, killin dem hoes. Need a guy who is bout that cash and knowz how to spoil a girl." She will probably be passed over even if she is hot.

    • I hate to be the one to burst you bubble.. but I don't need nor do I want a man to take care of me.. I have an awesome career and I make a nice salary so I'm not down with any jive talking...while there are definitely females out there that act like that I'm happy to say I'm not one of those.. I do appreciate your honest feed back.. :-)

    • Gotcha, I'm just saying like in my case, a woman with a profile like that probably wouldn't get a response even if I did find her drop dead gorgeous or if we had a few similar interests.

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  • If he said that without talking with you, it must have been your appearance that he disliked or your profile inputs.

    Sounds like a pretty lame excuse though to say straight up without even saying one word to the person.

    • I can't agree with you on that; I'm an attractive female.. and I agree it was a lame excuse and he's not sure of himself.. I definitely have confidence in who I am...

    • Wasn't saying anything about you, it's just that I have no experience with dating sites so I only go off of what can be seen to everybody, which would basically be pictures and profile personal descriptions.

      Again, not my intention, I'm sure you're a lovely woman!

  • oh there are subtle things on profiles that seem inocent enough but are dead giveaways to your priorities and if he doesn't like those then why bother with you.

    • Thanks so much your response.. I totally agree with your comment... To be honest after reading his profile and receiving a response I realize we definitely not a match... :-)

    • cool, glad you got things worked out =)

  • He wasn't attracted to you, or something on your profile was a deal-breaker for him.

    • Thanks so much for your comment and I totally agree with you on that.. we weren't compatiable because I didn't put ever detail of things I enjoy doing... What the heck your can't put everything on a profile...what's left to talk about once you meet... oh well I definitely can't miss what I never had...

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  • Well a guy may think you are not compatible with him look-wise that doesn't mean personality wise you are incompatible. Looks, however, are important to a lot of us. It's a good thing that he said that and didn't waste your time. That means you have time for the person who is truly right for you. Online dating does have its challenges but stay positive and you may find someone worth meeting who finds you compatible both physically and emotionally.

    • Thanks so much for your comment and I totally agree with you on that.. I know I will have to try a different angle... as I'm definitely an attractive and educated female who has a lot to offer.. :-) again thanks