He stopped answering all my calls and texts....why?

I met this initial one night stand at college but we began hanging 24/7 in our rooms. We never had an official date but I met his friends and he came to my rescue a few times when I needed it. We agreed we would work towards a relationship in August with dates and everything before school ended. We talked for the first two weeks of summer then he began to ignore me. When I finally got him on the phone I told him how pissed I was about it and he apologized and said he does that often but doesn't know why, but that was the last time we talked. He ignored me over texts and by call and blocked me on twitter. What happened?


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  • He probably met another girl over the summer.

    • how should I react when I see him on campus. I don't want to seem petty OR nice!

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    • Ohhh just click on my name and read the posts I posted. or Questions I mean lol

    • yeah that sucks I had a sucky "almost together" type relationship too with a guy before this incident..that is why I thought this one was going to be the game changer. the last guy I talked to turned out to have a GIRLFRIEND back home. but I've known plenty of guys who loove to talk when they have nothing going for themselves or are low on confidence. that guy was a pathetic excuse for an adult

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