The verbal trap....?

So, what was the best trap you got your SO into? What was the best tight spot you got them in? I'm guessing mostly girls will know what I'm talking about.

My boyfriend and I are very good with our words and we have a game where we try to trip the other person up into admitting something or get them totally lost with no good answer. Yes, this is for our own enjoyment and no hard feelings are felt. Yes, it's borderline evil lol.

Anyway, the best one I caught him in was this:

We were talking on the phone and he had mentioned prior that there were no hot girls at his school (we were in HS at this time and went to different schools) He then went on to say that he saw a girl who looked just like me at his school. I said, "I thought you said there weren't any good looking girls at your schoool."

And he said, "That was before I saw this girl, and now I know there's at least one because she looks just like you, and you're hot."

I countered with, so now that you have a me at your school you don't need a me at my school, yes?"

And he was stuck. If he said no, he'd admit to thinking of trying something with her (or so it'd sound) and if he said yes, I'd have gone further into trapping him. In the end he goes, "GAHHH! Don't DO that! You win this round, babe."

Yes, it sounds like an awful game but we're both rather odd and get some sick entertainment out of it...anyone have similar stories?


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  • Typically women(not all of course) fail to have a significant logical thought process all day. As such, I've never been 'trapped', yet I could call them out all the time when two of their political views contradict one another.

    • Haha, this is why I refuse to argue topics that I don't fully understand. Though, I'm pretty good at knowing what my political view means.

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