Should I move on? or should I wait to see what happens?

So I have been seeing this guy for about 4 months, but we haven't had the talk about getting serious.. .

He slept twice with one of my friends a couple of years ago and broke her heart and just this year added me on Facebook and started chatting to me and pursued me for a wee bit. He told me that he had liked me for ages .. so we pretty much texted everyday and chatted every night for the 4months, he initiated the ex's at the end of texts and <3 on Facebook.

Though because I have heard things about him being a serial cheater, I decided to pull away a bit and see what I felt about him so didn't text him back one night, he then texted the next night and asked what I was up to and we meet up in town where he was with his mate who he got to text me as well earlier because he was "freaking out" (what his mate said) about me not replying ..

At first he was all over me that night, but then he started to drift away and was on his phone texting which he came and saw me the next night to apologize for and told me that I was absolutely beautiful the previous night. However we have barely talked since that night and he now he doesn't text me like he used to .. I just get texts right before he goes to sleep and then he just doesn't reply as he must of fallen asleep? the ex's have stopped as well..

I am so confused about what this guy wants from me and how to approach the situation? Should I just let him be because I feel like I am wasting my time, even though every time we're together I love being around him and we laugh heaps etc.

should I move on? or should I wait to see what happens?

Note this has just happened over the last week - so I am I over reacting and over thinking?

Please help


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  • How intimate have you guys gotten. Just texting and flirting?

    • we have slept together ..

    • Then you should talk to him, have the talk. You have feelings for him and want to get serious. His reaction will tell you if he feels like wise but be prepared for a negative reaction.

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