Mood swings? What is wrong with her?

I'm not even her boyfriend... I've hinted her that I'm attracted to her, we hang out from time to time, and no, I've never made a move on her other than my hint on her... But damn, Her in the class, and her with me is like really different.. she will be like a beautiful sunny day in a class and will be like a slight rain that's gonna turn into a freaking a hurricane if I do something off even just a bit...

I try to put up w that, but really, I feel like being used, I feel like with her knowing my feeling, the whole even turns into the Cinderella story, and yes, I'm the Cinderella and she's the hateful sisters...

So, with all that, I'm standing at the edge of the cliff right now... I'm planning to end this game with an all in, either I fall the bottom of the cliff and never see her again, or she can give me a better footing at the edge of a cliff so we can build a strong relationship...

Can anybody please help suggesting what should I do about her?


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  • You should totally date her because it sounds like she's your type.

    Unless you prefer girls who love and adore their boyfriends, then maybe not.

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