How should I have answered her?

A girl I like asked me a question. The question was "why does it have to be this way, why can't it be that way". To me, it just sounds like she's complaining...which, we all know, is a girls best quality (wouldn't be a girl if she didn't, haha). However, what I want to know is, should I have answered her in a way that could fix it for her (like men usually do) even if he can't, or is she really just looking for compassion from him. sort of a "I'm sorry" sort of answer.

She never answered me back, by the way


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  • You can't change the past and you can never fix a woman that makes women crazy! When women are "complaining" they don't need you to fix them, it just helps a woman process. She just wants someone to listen. She wants you to say "I don't know why things are that way, life is just confusing sometimes." Girls rarely want a solution, they just want to be heard.

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    • Reported as spam. You shouldn't be including links like that on this site

    • I guess not, because I'm a woman, haha! I was giving you insight in the way women think.

      Here's the short answer...

      No, you should not have answered her in a way to try to fix anything. She just wanted to be heard, not to be fixed.

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  • I was thinking 'im sorry' but you could have said I'm just not that guy for you but you'll find someone

    • Really? You couldn't just answer the f***ing question

  • She can't really answer back to I'm sorry and I think that was the best to say

    • Oh by the way, she decided that she wanted to be sexual. So now she's going along with the site

    • O I thought you were talking about real life

  • No if you said it in a way to fix it when you know you can't because that's giving her false hope

    • Well remember, I phrased it as "can I help" not "I will help"!

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