Boyfriend's weird friend?

My boyfriend has this old friend from college that was dating his best friend. She desperately wanted to be in a relationship with his best friend but he wasn't ready yet and was stringing her along. So I guess they all hung out in groups and went to parties together in college. So she moved away after college and expected everything to be the same years later. So my boyfriend would listen to her complaints about his friend all during that whole period.

Soon as I began dating my boyfriend she expressed wanting to get to know me. I hung out with her a few times but she did annoy me and I didn't see a friendship developing. The first time my boyfriend went out to dinner with her things were fine and it was fun when she was still interested in his friend. Later on things ended badly between her and the friend. As my relationship progressed things changed. The third time I went out with them I noticed she was talking directly to my boyfriend only and only discussed things that happened in the past.

Another odd thing was my boyfriend made a status on fb about leaving for vacation she then commented where are you going? He replied and then she stated "don't have to much fun without me." and behave I know who how your friends are and I know what they will be doing. This was an all guys trip there I trust my boyfriend even if his friends are acting crazy he has his own mind. None of this is her concern anyway. He claimed she was just joking.

The third issue, she had a game night at her house that she hosted with my boyfriend. I told him I didn't like the idea of that and he went along with it anyway. So when I got there all of my boyfriends friends where there and one of her friends. She claimed to be interested in meeting someone for herself but whenever I looked up she was in my boyfriends face.

So my boyfriend has zero interest in her and I did talk to her in a nice way and she claimed not to have any feelings and that she did invite her friends but nobody came and she likes my boyfriends friends who are all friends with the guy that she use to date.

The last straw was right after she sent a message to my boyfriend saying that she didn't want to be friends with me and that "she still wanted to be his friend and not to let crazy break up their friendship."


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  • Honestly I feel like ignoring her at this point would help you out the best.

    She seems to be taking everything you do and turning it negative by stating that you're crazy to your boyfriend.

    He probably doesn't even realize that she might be interested in him.

    He just sees her as a friend which is why he most likely went along with the game night, etc etc.

    It seems she's just being manipulative in a way that she'll get what she wants.

    Ignoring her is the best route of action.

    • Thanks! I have been ignoring her. This is my boyfriends first relationship so he's clueless about how manipulative women can be at times. He has other women friends that are completely respectful of our relationship that I have no problem with. So I was starting to wonder if I was just misreading things or what. But these are things I would never do with a male friend.