I don't feel like talking to him about it so should I bother?

We had a great relationship in the beginning but lately I have noticed we hardly ever see each other or talk. We are both busy but the lack of contact has made me not care any more. I don't feel any connection with him at all. If he dumped me, I don't think I would notice. I don't even feel like talking with him about it since I don't think I would regain any feelings for him. To much water under the bridge.

I also really needed someone to talk to the other night. Something had happened and I just needed someone and he had completely disappeared. He was nowhere to be found, this is what go me thinking about this. Don't get me wrong he is entitled to have a life but it set the realization in motion that we really don't even have a relationship any more. I have two other people who I could turn to but those two are two separate stories all together.


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  • You don't care... so why are you supposedly in a relationship? just call time of death on it, and move on.

    • That's what I am thinking. I am afraid it will hit him like a ton of breaks though but I guess he has to learn that I can't be the only one to put in effort if it's going to work.

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  • That has to be the most non-relationship relationship I've come across lol. The dude sounds like he put nothing into the relationship. I even doubt he'd be affected much when you break it off. Move on!

    • The funny thing is I think he would but I am done so I don't see a point in talking it over with him and trying to work it out. I just feel like a bad girlfriend for wanting to move on knowing that he is going to be hurt by it.

    • If it means anything, it doesn't sound like you've been a bad girlfriend from what I can tell. It sounds like he was a bad boyfriend. If it helps, breaking up might be the catalyst that gets him to change to a better person.

  • Well, were you the one who pushed him away? If so, don't expect him to come back. You're supposed to go to him then.

    If he pushed you away? Then his fault and move on.

    • I wouldn't call it pushing. It's more like I am the only one putting forth the effort and he isn't. When I do pull away as a result he comes running back to me. It's a cycle and it has made me move on emotionally to the point that I don't think it can be repaired.

    • Well if you've already put in the effort, there's nothing more to say, is there? Sorry it didn't work out. =.

    • Thanks. I realized how far it had gone when I decided I should break up with him and I am not really upset about it. I have the feeling he will be though. Even though he is behaving like he is, I think he really does like me and just doesn't realize he has pushed me away.

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  • well...I personally, if I felt like you, I would tell him how I felt and then more than likely, if it is how you say it is between you two, then, he'll agree and then that'll be that. Even though you may feel this way, make sure you know how he feels before you jump the goat and think that there's no point in even talking to him about the whole situation. Just see how he feels first. He might not feel like how you percieve. :) Good luck.

    • I think I know how he feels and I think this is going to hurt him but I don't know if at this point it can be repaired. I am not sure if their is a point in talking about it because I don't have any romantic feelings left for him. I am pretty sure he still does for me and is completely oblivious even though I told him once how the lack of contact is bothering me.

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    • really trying to become one of those lifetime people...

    • I did end up talking to him and nothing changed. He didn't even make an attempt. It was all words no action. I have no idea why he seemed surprised that I ended it. Hopefully he will treat the next girlfriend better.